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About Me

I’m Jessica, a gamer and artist based in London. I’ve been drawing on and off since school, and it was always my dream to work in games (originally as a designer). After discovering the internet, I joined a few artist communities and ended up doing commissions and, eventually, contributed to a few mobile games. I know my way around a lot of art/design software, including 3DS Max and Photoshop, but these days I mostly do ink drawings by hand and occasionally digitally colour in Gimp.

I also enjoy putting together the occasional costume for clubs, LARP, or just for fun!

Some important facts about me:

If you want to say hello, please go ahead and get in touch using the CONTACT page!


By day, I’m a Video Games Producer with 10+ years industry experience. I started out doing a Games Design degree at Huddersfield University, during which I took a gap year to get industry experience as a QA tester. When my year was up I was offered a role in production, so I decided to stick around and start my career! I transferred to London South Bank University for the final year of my degree, so thankfully the work didn’t go to waste…

Since then, I’ve delivered a number of AAA and budget titles across PC, PS4, XB1, and Switch. If you want to see more of my work history, please check out my LinkedIn profile!