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About Me

I’m Jessica, a video game enthusiast and amateur artist based in West London. I know my way around various art/design software, including 3DS Max and Photoshop, but these days I mostly draw by hand and digitally ink and colour in Clip Studio Paint.

I also enjoy putting together the occasional costume for clubs, LARP, skating events, or just for fun!

Some important facts about me:

  • I love liquorice.
  • My go-to cocktail is the Negroni.
  • I’m mostly into goth and industrial music.
  • I enjoy inline skating, and can frequently be found on the London Sunday Stroll Skate.
  • I’m a lifelong Sonic the Hedgehog fan.
  • My favourite films are Vertigo, Rear Window, Alien, Fargo, Les Triplettes de Belleville, and Jaws.
  • If you want to say hello, please go ahead and get in touch using the CONTACT page!


    By day, I’m a Video Games professional with 10+ years industry experience. I started out doing a Games Design degree at Huddersfield University, during which I took a gap year to get industry experience as a QA tester. When my year was up I was offered a role in production, so I decided to stick around and start my career! I transferred to London South Bank University for the final year of my degree, so thankfully the work didn’t go to waste…

    Since then, I previously worked as a Producer for SEGA Europe and delivered a number of AAA and budget titles across PC, PS4, XB1, and Switch, with a particular focus on PC/Steam.

    I’m currently a Technology Partner Manager for Sony Interactive Entertainment, working with game engine and middleware providers to support PlayStation platforms.

    If you want to see more of my work history, please check out my LinkedIn profile!

    This Site

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  • All artwork on this site created by Jessica Padkin. Please do not copy or redistribute without permission.