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The following games were created as part of various time-limited Game Jams.

I Told You This Was A Bad Idea

A short text-based mystery game in which the player must pose questions to an AI character in order to find out more about their history together. This was a bit of an experiment, but I think the storytelling mostly works.

Made in Twine for the month-long NaNoTwiMo and TEXT game jams on

This game was also featured in a “15 Interesting AI Experiments You Can Try Online” article published by MakeTechEasier. Even describing it as ‘AI’ seems like a bit of a stretch, but I’ll take that!

Haunt Your Ex

A very short and simple narrative-based game about a ghost planning to terrorise its ex-girlfriend from beyond the grave. The game was made in under 2 days, and the rules stipulated that it must be a) monochromatic, and b) only use one-button. I had to tweak the design a lot to fulfil the second requirement, and as a result it’s completely linear, but nonetheless I think it works as a short story.

Made in Bitsy.


A very simplistic sort-of-dating game in which players must match together cryptids, creating new creatures combining the features of both parents. I had very limited time to complete this (I was on holiday for half of the jam, oops!), so I went with a very basic game design. I still had to knock out quite a lot of art for it, though.

Made in Twine for Cryptid Jam.


This was a cooperative action game where two players each controlled a magnetic arm, using it to manipulate a ball through a maze. I was mostly on art duty, and we decided to go with a steampunk style for the visuals.

The game was built in Unity by a team of 4, during one working day (so about 6 hours). Considering the short timeline and the fact none of us were experienced game developers, the final result was pretty awesome! Our team unanimously won the game jam, too. Unfortunately, since the jam was organised by our (then-)employer, all I can share from it is this sprite art!